Innovation Business Group (IBG) is focused on helping leaders Re-vision the Future™. Organizations that will thrive in the future are preparing now for the next crisis. They're re-examining all aspects of their business model, and realize that data and the technology that empowers are critical to achieve competitive advantage . Change isn’t easy. We work with for-profit and non-profit senior decision-makers and your team members to guide discussion that leads to action. If you recognize you need assistance, you’ve already started the journey. The need for speed in effecting change is mission-critical. Contact us today.


Lisa Shanahan Stanley, Innovation Business Group’s Founder and Chief Change Officer has more than 25 years’ experience in leading organizational growth in for-profit and non-profit environments. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, she has brought her entrepreneurial approach to successfully develop and launch a variety of pilot programs that have contributed significant income and bottom-line profitability to operations. Lisa has held progressively more responsible positions on the management team for five non-profit associations in the critical areas of advocacy, education, membership, and as chief executive officer building relationships with diverse stakeholder groups. She holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from The University of Central Florida and has completed the Prosci Change Management Certificate Program to further her training in this critical area.

She understands the importance of data and the information derived from it to assess risk and aid decisions. She supports development of corporate strategies that utilize effective data governance practices and technology that connects strategies, business functions and action to achieve better business outcomes. She’s a mindful listener, effective communicator and brings an innovative approach to purpose-based planning and training that helps you develop action steps to define goals and deliver results.

“We have never had a greater need for change leaders who are willing to take risks, encourage innovation and explore how best to take action to move forward.”

Lisa Shanahan Stanley

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