Innovation Business Group (IBG) brings people, places and technology together to define the path forward. We focus on helping leaders Re-vision the Future™ through:

  • Guiding constructive collaboration with internal team members and external business partners
  • Helping organizations to build diverse teams to navigate change
  • Building change leaders willing to take risks, encourage innovation and move forward
  • Development of standards that guide actions
  • Aligning effort with purpose that confirm relevance of the organization’s value proposition
  • Developing an agile action plan with measurable results for the organization

We are experiencing disruption in the workforce and workplace unlike anything we have experienced previously. Reacting to current crises requires an appropriate tactical response. True leaders look beyond the tactical to develop a proactive, strategic approach for the future that can achieve extraordinary results.

Are you ready?


Preparing for success starts with building alliances within your organization and with your clients and customers. Having strong relationships based on trust provide a supportive framework that enables you to respond quickly when you need to change course.


IBG has the experience to help you and your leadership team set the course for your future direction and identify the action steps to get there. We can work with you to develop an innovative team of volunteers and staff to maximize your organization’s impact and membership advantage. Are you using data to drive your business decisions? Data analytics can provide insights into your existing programs, products and services, and what your target audience needs that you don’t offer. Their answers may surprise you.


Real estate is a powerful engine that drives the economy and touches where we live, work and play. Developing the strategy to achieve alignment between volunteer leadership and the management team can be challenging when volunteer leadership changes annually. Confirming common goals and objectives through a culture of collaborative planning helps your association stay on track and builds trust within your membership and the communities you serve.

Licensing boards face the challenge of regulating many new entries to the profession, a stated purpose to protect the public in transactions, and the explosion of technology tools available to both consumers and licensees alike.

“REALTOR® leaders must lead in the world in which they live, not in the world in which they wish they lived.”

Roger Turcotte


It can be challenging to manage a virtual work force, evaluate existing workspace, and determine your real estate needs to move forward. Are you using the data that’s collected to aid decision-making in returning to the workplace? Can you evaluate how best to move forward to meet your organizations goals and establish new ones? We can help you identify what the changing workforce wants, needs and expects from their employers and how you can achieve it to attract and retain top performers.


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